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Los Angeles, CA 90016
Tel : 800-711-4614
Contact us at: info@respecs.org
We guarantee to beat any
precious metal refiner's price!
Historic Eyewear Restoration
Contemporary Eyeglass Recycling
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ReSpecs often buys historic frames and parts from
optical wholesalers, but also
has built a unique
organization of 250 "pickers" collecting eyeglasses
across the United States, Canada and Europe. We
inspect manually in excess of a million frames yearly
to save as many frames as possible.
At ReSpecs we develop working relationships built
on trust, mutual respect and understanding. Our
partners rely on our expertise and o
ften choose to
delegate the
entire eyeglass sorting process to us. If
you are new to ReSpecs, we can provide references
before you start working with us.
Please consult ReSpecs sorting guide to aid you in
your eyeglass recycling efforts. This booklet is
designed to show you the basic styles of eyeglasses
that have restoration or recycling value.