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Over the years, ReSpecs has developed a range of
services to support the initiatives of volunteer and
humanitarian organizations helping to bring better
vision to people in need worldwide.
In 2007, we celebrated our 10th anniversary helping
charitable organizations whose volunteers p
eyeglasses to millions of people who
cannot afford
, not only in the most remote and distressed
places of the world but also in the United States and
other developed economies.
The revenues these charitable organizations
generate from our restoration and recycling activities
are used by them to purchase optometric equipment,
prescriptions lenses, build new
eye-care centers or
elp fund their missions. Nothing touches us more
deeply than the f
eedback we receive about how
important ReSpecs is to the
development of these
. We take pride in our contribution.
Recycling is about taking any
reusable object and giving it a
second chance at usefulness.