4601 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Tel : 800-711-4614
Contact us at: info@respecs.org
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Help us stop the destruction of historic eyeglasses
and restore the frames
. We guarantee our prices
will beat any gold and precious metal refiners' price.
How can we make such a guarantee?
For two reasons.
First, we are a restoration company.
e really care about preserving our patrimony of
historic eyeglasses. For this reason, we value a
great number of pieces received well above their
gold metal content and purchase them by piece. We
restore rather than recycle each time it is possible.

No other recycling company will buy eyeglasses
above this precious metal value
Second, we made considerable investment in our
plant and logistics to optimize efficiency. B
ecause of
unique eyeglass sorting process, we remove
glass, plastic and packaging materials and separate
all eyeglasses by their precious metal markings to
ensure accurate returns in
the recycling process.
Also, we use the services of finest assayers and
witnesses to  control results.
Please note: In the sorting process, when we find
eyeglasses that can be re-used and distributed
through charity organizations, we keep them aside
and send them to these organizations.

Vision always comes first.