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Since its debut in the early 1990's, ReSpecs has  
its efforts to saving historic American
eyeglasses to preserve a unique patrimony built
over a century of exceptional craftsmanship.
In 600 years, style and science have marched hand
in hand to produce better vision for better living.
uring the 20th century, in the United States, the
manufacture of
eyeglass reached its highest level of
Not only were the designs original
and the
miniature engravings beautiful but the
frames were made of Gold-filled
wire and hallmarked
by their manufacturer
Historic Eyewear Restoration
In the last decades, the price of gold and precious
metal recycling techniques have advanced
so quickly
that the  recovery of gold for cash has justified
melting most t
hese historic frames. Everyday, the
last remains of this extraordinary American art
disappear in the hands of smelters and refiners.
Our goal, and our commitment, is to provide the
necessary resources to help stop this destruction
and to preserve as many historic frames
and parts
as possible before it is too late.