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Historic Eyewear Restoration
Contemporary Eyeglass Recycling
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Understand how we work with you at ReSpecs and
what you should come to expect from our services.
1. When your shipment of eyeglasses is ready, if it is over
300 lbs, contact u
s; we will organize a truck to  pick it up at
your location and time of choice. We need only 48 hours
notice. For smaller shipments, send it to us by US Mail,
Fedex, DHL or UPS and send us your
shipping bill for
reimbursement. We carry all shipping costs.
2. When we receive your shipment, we will send you a card
confirming the number of packages and the weight
received. We record the price of Gold on the London fix PM
market at that date a
nd take an average daily gold price
during the time we have your shipment to value the frames.
3. We sort your shipment by the type of eyeglasses, their
and their gold content. We inspect each frame
and temple
with care and purchase by the piece frames that
have a special restoration value exceeding the metal value.
4. We then proceed to value your shipment. You will receive
with your payment a detailed description of your shipment
content. At minimum
, you will receive the metal value at
current market price b
ut usually much more for historic
eyeglasses and parts
that can be restored. Payment is
ssued within 30 days from the day sorting is completed.